Power Outages And Your Well Pump

Posted on: 30 July 2015

If you have a well at your home and you depend on it for all your water, ensuring it will still run when there is a power outage is a wise move. Having running water, especially if you have a large family, is essential for your household to run smoothly and on schedule. Without running water, you could be looking at missed bath nights and dirty dishes and laundry not getting done.
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Safety First For Roof Repairs

Posted on: 22 July 2015

Repairing a roof is not for the faint of heart. In most instances it is best left up to the professionals who not only know how to fix the roof properly but can do it safely. However, there may be times when you desire to repair something on your roof. Perhaps it is shingles that need to be replaced, heating cables that need to be added, or gutters that need to be fixed.
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4 Non-Energy Related Reasons To Replace Your Windows

Posted on: 7 July 2015

If you have been doing your research about replacing your home windows, you have probably found out a lot about how much you can save in heating and cooling costs by doing so. This is obviously a great incentive for purchasing new windows, but there are other benefits that you should know about as well. These are a few other advantages that you can enjoy if you purchase replacement windows for your home.
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3 Potential Causes Of Low Water Pressure In Your Toilet

Posted on: 25 June 2015

When you flush a toilet, the outgoing water leaves through the drain and fresh refilling water comes in from the tank. Sometimes problems with the toilet or your home's water supply can lessen the amount of water that reaches the bowl during a refill. This can impede the flushing function of your toilet and increase the risk of staining. There are a few potential causes of low water pressure in your toilet.
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